Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet invites you to fairy tale wonders that will literally dance across the stage during the 2014/2015 performance season. Breadcrumbs and wicked witches, the exciting adventures of Hansel and Gretel will leave you hungering for more! Time is gently suspended as you immerse yourself in the magical moments of the holiday classic George Balanchine's The Nutcracker™ . You’ll get caught up in “happily ever after” in Alan Hineline’s alluring retelling of the beloved fairy tale classic Cinderella! And, the power of movement will excite you as you experience thrilling choreography and stunning dance in the four days of June Series. Purchase your tickets today and take part of the wonder in great moments at the ballet.

"... these young artists share a gift of pure beauty. Every performance seems to write another enduring chapter in their story of dance."

Marcia Dale Weary, Founding Artistic Director


The 2014/2015 Performance Season is sponsored, in part, by:

Hilton Harrisburg

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