Artistic Leadership

Marcia Dale Weary, Founder

Darla Hoover,  Artistic Director

Nicholas Ade, Chief Executive Officer

Alecia Good-Boresow, School Principal

Alan Hineline, Director of Artistic Programming

Administrative Staff

Nicholas Ade, Chief Executive Officer, 717.601.2842

Sarah Baylor, Executive Assistant to the CEO, 717.601.2842

Alecia Good-Boresow, School Principal, 717.601.2845

Alan Hineline, Director of Artistic Programming, 717.601.2844

Brigette Plummer, Director of Admissions and Student Affairs, 717.601.2864

Asheleigh Forsburg, Associate Director of Development, 717.601.2982

Beth Norris, Finance Manager, 717.601.2867

Kelly Derbes, Marketing Manager, 717.601.2980

Peggy Schryver, Marketing Manager, 717.601.2981

Jessica Seretti, Summer Ballet Program Manager, 717.601.2853

Paige Ade, Development Manager, 717.601.2983

Simon Ball, Men's Program Coordinator, 717.601.2846

Rose Taylor, Children's Division Coordinator, 717.601.2849

Caleb Leitch, Discover Dance Coordinator, 717.601.2850 

Tiffany Williams, Accounts Receivable and Admissions Coordinator, 717.601.2865

Shanna Adler, Development Assistant, 717.601.2984

MaryLynn Schwartz, Costume Shop and Wardrobe, 717.601.2985

Melissa Snyder, Operations Consultant

Melanie McGrath, Customer Support Representative 

Eve Elias, Customer Support Representative

Amra Mustafic, Customer Support Representative


Production Staff

Josh Monroe, Lighting Designer