Alumni Spotlight

Carrie Imler,  Principal dancer with Pacific Northwest Ballet talks about CPYB and her career.  


What years did you dance with CPYB?
started CPYB when I was six in 1985 and I left when I was 16 in 1995.

What was your favorite Marcia combination?
She gave this tendu combination that I remember. It was simple but really got the turn out working. Tendu to first, tendu to fifth, tendu to fifth, tendu to first.

What was your path after CPYB?
I left Carlisle after 11th grade to move to Seattle. I was in the Professional Division at Pacific Northwest Ballet for a year before receiving an apprentice contract the following year at PNB. 

You were with PNB for 22 years, what are you up to now?
After retiring in June of 2016, I joined PNB's school faculty and am helping the next generations achieve their goals.

You were a guest faculty member for our 2018 Summer Program. What was it like coming home?
It was as if time had stood still! While the scenery may have changed a bit (from the barn to all those beautiful warehouse studios) it all was oddly familiar after all those years. Many familiar faces from when I was a child attending summer course, to those faces I have met along the way as a dancer.

What is your favorite CPYB memory?
I loved all the wonderful performances. CPYB has amazing performance opportunities with a variety of stages and wonderful ballets to perform. My fondest memories were working with Richard Cook on a variety of the ballets he choreographed, as well as helping Marcia teach the babies as I grew up.

Besides technique, what did CPYB teach you?
Discipline and hard work.

What advice would you share with current CPYB students?
I would hope each student understands and appreciates what a truly special place CPYB is with its dedicated faculty and staff; what a rare gem to be able to perform the wonderful ballets it performs, that leading companies around the world perform.