Ballet Changes Lives

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet's mission is to inspire, educate and enrich lives through training in and performance of classical ballet.  Over the past month, our video, Ballet Changes Lives, has reached over 40,000 individuals through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

"This made me cry. I have been blessed to have been taught by AMAZING teachers who never gave up on me, so much so, that it kept my passion for dance going through a difficult time in my life and allowed me to teach others! As I watch this I think of all my teacher and students and those who I’ve been blessed to dance with... Thank you." Maxine Baughman
"Beautiful video about CPYB. The amazing school where I learned everything I know today. Thank you Marcia!"  Anna Gerberich, CPYB Alumna and Joffrey Ballet Company Artist. 
"La danza è qualcosa che si trasmette, e i piccoli sono i danzatori di domani." Eimos Centro Foraazione Danza
"Because of CPYB, my daughter has been dancing with Ballet Magnificat. Living her DREAM. Thank you CPYB." Rosalia Oquendo Ortiz