Beginning Student Instructions

Applying for the 5-Week Summer Ballet Program
Beginning Student

For students who are NEW to CPYB and have not attended any CPYB programs since 2015, with zero to one year of experience. Please read the instructions below before completing the application form.



  • The contact should be the parent/guardian
  • The first and last name must be the same name as on the payment account that will be used
  • Enter emergency contact information that is different than the contact listed above

STEP 2: Click "Add New Student #1"

  • Only one student per application form
  • If you have more than one student applying, submit an additional application form using the same billing and contact information
  • Completion of all fields is REQUIRED
    • IMPORTANT: It is critical that student cell phone and e-mail information is entered

STEP 3: Answer question by entering one of the following values:

  • Returning student (include year attended)
  • Facebook
  • E-mail
  • Mailing
  • Pointe magazine
  • Dance magazine
  • Dance Teacher magazine
  • Dance teacher referral: (enter name)
  • Other referral: (enter name)
  • Performance
  • Central Penn Parent
  • Other: (enter answer)

STEP 4: Complete the Agreement Section

  • Each applicant is required to read and agree to the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s policies, including the 2018 5-Week Summer Ballet Program Payment and Refund Policies, by checking the box at the end of each policy listed within the application form.

STEP 5: Credit Card Verification

  • The account number you enter will be used to charge your application fee, the non-refundable deposit and other program charges. You may update your payment information at any time.


  • Following submission, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the contact e-mail address
  • Your $35 non-refundable application fee and tuition payment will be charged within 48 hours of application submission

Should you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us at 717.245.1190 or