Hansel & Gretel Ballet Synopsis

Scene 1

A clearing in the woods near Hansel and Gretel’s family home
Hansel and Gretel, the young son and daughter of a kind woodcutter, 
frolic during the early morning hours in the woods outside their home. 

Scene 2

The yard outside the family home
Hansel and Gretel return home hungry to find their father and 
stepmother at work. The stepmother, a stern disciplinarian, insists that 
the children do their chores before eating. Once the chores are finished 
the family sits down to dinner, but the stepmother reveals that there is 
no food left for the family. She becomes enraged when the mischievous 
children spill the last of the family’s milk. In a fit of fury, the children 
are sent to the eerie North Woods to search for food.

Scene 3

The eerie North Woods
As dusk falls, Hansel and Gretel discover that their breadcrumb trail has 
been eaten by birds. The exhausted children rest against a log until a 
mysterious Sandman casts them into a deep sleep. During their sleep 
the children dream of angels watching over them, and forest creatures 
dancing through the woods. As dawn approaches, a magical Dew Fairy 
awakens the children and leads them out of the woods. 

Scene 4

The evil witch’s house
The children come to a clearing in the forest where they discover a 
“kindly” old woman and her magical house made of gingerbread. With 
sinister motives, the woman invites the children into her home where 
they soon realize that things are not sugar and spice and everything 
nice. Once inside, the witch’s minions—the cooks—corral the children. 
Hansel is imprisoned in an oversized bird cage and Gretel is enslaved 
as the witch’s servant. As night falls and the witch sleeps near her oven, 
Hansel and Gretel plan and execute their escape. The witch awakens 
and tries to recapture the children. Instead, she is pushed into the 
oven. This act breaks the wicked spell that the witch had cast over a 
countless number of other children. The freed children reveal to Hansel 
and Gretel the witch’s secret treasure.


The family home
Happily, the children and their new friends return home for a joyful 
reunion and a celebration of their new found wealth.

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