Meet the Characters

Click or touch the images below to meet our characters!  Illustrations (c) Erika Steiskal

Meet Oberon!

King! Oberon is the powerful ruler of the fairy kingdom. He's also Titania's husband. Oberon can be a benevolent ruler. On the other hand, he’s not always kind, especially when it comes to dealing with his wife. He loves a good joke. Dare we say manipulative? He wants his way and he's not above using magic to get it, especially when he’s angry. Oberon will also use magic to fix problems he sees around him. When love is involved, all the better. 

Meet Titania!

Titania is principled, proud and sassy. She is very highly respected. She’ll stand her ground; and for a good cause, she'll take on those in power. But, she’s not invincible. When the other party is as strong-minded as her, things get a little crazy. When Titania falls under the spell of the "Midsummer" magical flower, the Titania we know disappears. She fawns all over Bottom (he's that ridiculous guy who ends up getting his head changed into that of a donkey). But, we won't spoil the ending on this one for you. 

Meet Lysander!

Loyal. Well bred. Lysander is very much in love with Hermia, and to a great degree he's the model of a constant lover. Lysander risks death under Athenian law by coming up with the plan to go against the wishes of Hermia's father and elope with Hermia. It’s only when he gets caught under the influence of the juice of the magical flower that he strays from his loyalty to Hermia. As soon as the spell’s effect is removed, Lysander returns to his true love — Hermia. Man, what a guy!

Meet Hermia!

She’s bold. She’s beautiful. And, she loves one guy — Lysander. She firmly believes she has the right to choose her husband based on love! But, alas. Her daddy wants her to marry Demetrius. Hermia is fiercely loyal. In fact, she can become a downright vixen if she’s crossed. Hermia is even willing to challenge a friend to a fight because love IS worth fighting for! What a gal! 

Meet Helena!

Have you experienced a broken heart? If so, the Midsummer's Helena understands. You see, Helena is in love with Demetrius. He returned her love at one time, but has since jilted her — for her friend, Hermia! Helena is faithful; she will stand by her man through thick and thin. Rejection, however, results in low self-esteem and Helena could use a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Helena wants her guy back and in desperation may become, well, a tad conniving. The guy's a cad. He may not be worth it. But she loves him! Will Demetrius eventually return Helena's love? 

Meet Demetrius!

Not all nobleman are created equal. Demetrius, like Lysander, is an Athenian aristocrat. But he's a cad. Like Lysander, he also loves Hermia. Unlike Lysander, Demetrius is fickle, given to change. First he romanced one gal — Helena, but rejected her to pursue Hermia. He can be so insensitive. Goodness! Without the influence of the magical love juice, there’s no indication he'd ever have come in the end to return Helena's love. Oooppss! Was that a spoiler alert? 

Meet Puck!

Puck enjoys nothing more than playing tricks and causing his share of trouble. Mischief is his middle name! He’s a devoted companion to Oberon, king of the fairies. Unfortunately, his loyalties can be a bit misguided. Puck’s magical abilities to change shape, turn invisible, or assume another person's voice gives him the opportunity to mix things up a bit for some of the characters in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But, Puck isn’t above making mistakes, which is quite obvious in the mix-up this rascal causes between Demetrius and Lysander.

Meet Bottom!

Oh, Bottom. He’s a good, hard worker, with charisma, capable of convincing his friends to go along with him. Did we also mention his self-confidence level may well be off kilter? You see, Bottom is a very self-assured kind of guy who convinces his fellow companions to give him the lead role in a play they’re rehearsing. Sadly, he’s like ... a seriously terrible actor, which makes for a pretty funny situation. To his credit, Bottom doesn’t even realize he isn’t as competent as he may believe. All of which gets him into some rather ridiculous predicaments — Bottom got his head turned into that of a donkey! Although foolish, Bottom really does mean well.