Act I

SCENE I: The Street – A new day dawns on a piazza in Verona. Romeo, a Montague, futilely pursues the beautiful Rosaline. As his friends Mercutio and Benvolio console him, a feud between sworn enemies, the Montagues and the Capulets, erupts. Tybalt, a powerful Capulet and cousin to Juliet, leads the charge against the Montagues until the Prince of Verona arrives and orders an end to the brawl.

SCENE II: Juliet's Chamber – Juliet and friends frolic under the eye of her watchful nurse. The fun is interrupted by the entrance of Lord and Lady Montague who present her to Paris, a wealthy nobleman who has asked for Juliet's hand in marriage.

SCENE III: Outside the Capulet Home – Still in pursuit of Rosaline, Romeo, Mercutio and Benvolio meet outside the Capulet home. In disguise, the Montague trio slips in among the guests and enter the lavish ball.

SCENE IV: The Ballroom – Arriving at the Capulet ball, Romeo is enchanted by Juliet’s dancing and an unbreakable bond is forged between the two. Recognized by Tybalt, Romeo is ordered to leave until Lord Capulet intervenes and invites him to stay.

SCENE V: Outside the Capulet Home – As the guests depart, Tybalt’s hatred for Romeo deepens as Lord Capulet orders him to stop pursuing Romeo.

SCENE VI: Juliet's Balcony – Juliet, unable able to sleep, appears on her balcony dreaming of her encounter at the ball. Romeo appears in the garden below and the two confess their love to each other.


Act II

SCENE I: The Street – As a wedding celebration takes place in the piazza, Romeo returns forever changed by his encounter with Juliet. Juliet's nurse delivers a letter from Juliet proposing a secret marriage.

SCENE II: The Chapel – The young lovers are wed in the chapel of Friar Lawrence.

SCENE III: The Street – With his rage intensified by the Montagues presence at the ball, Tybalt fights and kills Mercutio. Romeo avenges his friend's death killing Tybalt and is exiled from Verona. Romeo flees to the Capulet house to spend one last night with Juliet.



SCENE I: Juliet's Bedroom – The newlyweds awaken and Romeo must leave. Juliet’s parents enter with Paris. Juliet reject Paris' marriage proposal and her parents threaten to disown her. Distraught, Juliet seeks advice from Friar Lawrence.

SCENE II: The Chapel – Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a potion to induce a death-like sleep. He will send word to Romeo and the two will flee Verona.

SCENE III: Juliet's Bedroom – Juliet agrees to marry Paris, but when her friends arrive to celebrate, none can awaken her.

SCENE IV: The Capulet Crypt – Having not received the message from Friar Lawrence, Romeo returns to Verona to die next his beloved Juliet. In her crypt, Romeo finds Paris. The two men fight and Paris is killed. Romeo drinks poison and dies. Juliet awakens from her sleep, finds Romeo dead and takes her own life.