5-Week Summer Ballet Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still apply to the online 5-Week Summer Ballet Program?
Application are now closed. Please email info@cpyb.org if you have any questions regarding current or pending enrollment. 

What are the dates of the 2020 online program?
The first day of classes will be Monday, June 22, 2020. The last day of classes will be Saturday, July 25, 2020. CPYB will not hold classes on Saturday, July 4, 2020.

What will the class schedule look like for the online program?
Classes will be offered Monday – Saturday, starting at noon EST. Classes will finish at 7:15 p.m. There is an hour and a half break as well as two 15-minute breaks included. Times are EST.

Students will receive two ballet technique classes each day - the first being one hour and forty-five minutes to start off their day. Pointe and men's classes will be incorporated, as well as additional classes like hip hop, modern, character, and stretch & strength.

Exciting opportunities such as Meet the Artist sessions with leading dance professionals from all over the country will be scheduled throughout the program. 

What is the tuition rate for the online program?
Students can register for the full program or register at a weekly rate. The tuition for the full program is $1,941.55. The tuition for the weekly rate is $388.31.

How will level placement work for the online program?
Students will be placed in age-appropriate levels as determined by Artistic Leadership. Faculty and leadership will be monitoring classes to ensure that students are where they will be best served. 

What are space, equipment, and dress code requirements?
Of course, as much space as possible, the better. We have found that the Harlequin Dance Mat (60”x72”) has been working well for the dancers that have it. It allows them to do pointe and provides adequate space but is not required. A portable barre, chair back, railing, countertop, or any barre-height and stable surface may be used in place of a ballet barre.  

Students should be dressed for class in clothing and/or dancewear that allows faculty to clearly be able to see legs and feet. Dress must be modest and respectful. Not allowed - leg warmers or sweatpants. Ladies please have your hair in a bun, no ponytails.

How will students access their online classes?
Online classes will run through the Zoom platform. A laptop, tablet, desktop computer, or phone with internet access is required to utilize the Zoom platform. Learn more about Zoom system requirements including device and bandwidth requirements. 

How will faculty instruct and/or make corrections to students’ technique?
Our faculty have been working in an online environment since the end of March and have become comfortable and are very familiar with working with students in this capacity. They will have well over three months of experience before the summer program begins, and are proficient in scrolling through screens to give both individual and general corrections. 

Learn more about how our faculty are adapting to teaching online.

How will the integrity of the classes be maintained?
CPYB strives to uphold integrity with everything we do. We adhere to Marcia Dale Weary’s Proven Teaching Syllabus. This will not change with the online classes.

What will class sizes look like?
This will be highly dependent on the number of students joining the program. Keep in mind class size is always a consideration to provide the opportunity for each student to receive individual attention - even online.

What are the attendance requirements?
Consistent attendance is expected. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing this, please let us know. *We understand the need to find a balance between our expectations and the reality of online instruction within varying household circumstances.