Attendance Policy

Required Classes

For all levels except Level A, participation in at least three classes per day, Monday through Friday, is required. Saturday morning class is required for all except levels A and B1. Level A students are required to take five classes per week, which are offered at 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Students may not take any classes below or above their level without the written permission of Marcia Dale Weary or Pat Sorrell. If classes of a different level are taken without such permission, no credit will be given. Students must take evening classes at their own level.

Evening Classes

The evening classes are extra classes for motivated students who wish to get ahead. These classes are optional, but highly recommended. Students who have missed regular classes for any reason are required to take evening classes for make-up as soon as possible. Students who know that they will be missing class must make arrangements to make up the class in advance.

Reporting Absences

Students living in a residence hall who are ill, injured, or plan to miss a required class for other reasons, must report immediately to the RA on duty. Any residential students who miss or observe a class due to injury or illness must be evaluated by a health care professional the same day. All students living off-campus must call CPYB’s Administrative Office at 717.245.1190 to report an absence for any reason.


Students who are ill, including those with headaches, upset stomachs and cramps, etc., may not observe class for credit. Students who are ill are expected to rest quietly in bed all day to ensure a speedy recovery. Once the student is well, classes missed should be made up as soon as possible. Any student who misses class and falls behind may have to move to a more appropriate level and/or may not be permitted to participate in recreational activities until all classes are made up. Residential students who are ill must notify the RA-on-duty immediately. All other students must notify the CPYB Administrative Office at 717.245.1190.


Students with injuries should take as much of each class as they can, modifying exercises if necessary or doing stretch classes as recommended by a therapist or trainer. Students should observe and fill out an observation sheet for those exercises they cannot participate in, and return the observation sheet to the teacher at the end of the class. If acceptable to the teacher, the student will be given full credit for the class. If the injury keeps the student from getting to class, residential students must notify the RA-on-duty immediately. All other students must notify the administrative office.

Attendance Records

CPYB’s attendance records take precedence over those of the student. In case of unforeseen circumstances, it is always better to have some extra classes “in the bank” by participating in the evening classes. A student’s attendance records can be viewed through the Family Portal.