Departure Day

Departure from Program

The 5-Week Summer Ballet Program classes end at noon on Saturday, July 28. All students must check out of the dorms no later than 3 p.m. on that day.

Class Observation on July 28:

Parents may observe class if the faculty member teaching permits it and the observation procedure below is followed.

For the security of our students and faculty, the following procedure must be followed in order to observe a class:

  • Each observer must first register with the receptionist at CPYB Warehouse Studios located at 5 North Orange Street, sign the visitors log, and obtain a badge which must be worn within all facilities and studios.
  • If your student’s class takes place at CPYB Barn Studios, Allison Hall or the Holland Union Building (HUB), you should allow extra time to obtain your badge and travel to the studio. Your student will know their Saturday location and can inform you how much time is required. NOTE: Some of the studios are small with limited observation room.



CPYB provides an option to elect travel assistance for unaccompanied dorm students to the Harrisburg International Airport (HIA) or Harrisburg Amtrak Station on Saturday, July 28. In order for CPYB to provide transportation, the student's flight or train must be scheduled to depart from Harrisburg on Saturday, July 28 between 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST. There is a $125 fee for this service.