Dress Code

All students must dress in the standard CPYB dress code described below for placement class day. Once placement is complete, certain levels may be permitted to wear other colors of dancewear, but always in traditional, conservative styles. Please see the notes at the end of this section regarding important dress code notes.


- Black* leotard (traditional, conservative styles only – no embellishments), pink tights with feet worn in shoes, pink or black (levels A, B and C) shoes
- Hair neatly secured in bun or similar style; all bangs neatly pinned or sprayed back
- Underclothing, including bra straps, must not show

*Female students should be prepared to wear black leotards for the duration of the 5-Week Summer Ballet Program. Following placement, certain levels may be permitted to wear colors -- see levels below.

- Black tights, white leotard or fitted shirt tucked in, black or white shoes with white socks (or black tights with feet worn in shoes)
- Black or tan dance belt
- Hair neatly combed back out of face and secured
- Must be clean shaven

- Eyeglasses may not be worn in class. To discuss options, please call 717.245.1195.
- No support bandages or support braces of any kind can be worn in class. To discuss options, please call 717.245.1195.
- Only natural-looking make-up and fingernail polish may be worn in class
- No jewelry (except small earrings for females), leg warmers or extra clothing of any kind may be worn to class
- Holes that appear in dancewear must be mended immediately
- Tattoos and body piercings are not permitted while enrolled at CPYB



The dress code is in effect for every class, including for those students who are observing due to injury or illness. Students not following dress code will be reported and will not receive credit for that class. Students must make up the class as soon as possible. Please see the notes at the end of this section regarding specific elements of the CPYB dress code.


  • ALL LEVELS: Plain form-fitting white t-shirt or white leotard worn under black tights.
    • Level D may substitute plain blue t-shirt or leotard. Levels E1 and E2 may substitute plain blue or black t-shirts or leotards. Shirts or leotards of other conservative colors also may be worn if the student is in E3 or E4 and has not missed any classes
  • Black tights. Tights must cover feet or white socks must be worn. Gaps between articles of clothing showing bare skin are not permitted
  • White socks, if worn, should not be higher than mid-calf
  • Black or white ballet shoes


ALL LEVELS: Black leotard (traditional, conservative styles only – no embellishments), pink tights with feet worn in pink shoes

Levels A, B, and C:

  • Black leotard
  • Pink tights with feet worn in the shoes
  • Pink or black ballet shoes

Levels D, E1, and E2 may also wear:

  • Black or blue leotard of one color
  • Pink tights with feet worn in the shoes
  • Pink ballet shoes with ribbons

Levels E3 and E4 may also wear:

  • Black or colored leotards of any one color
  • Pink tights with feet worn in the shoes
  • Pink ballet shoes with ribbons


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Modern Classes

  • Dress code as above except barefoot. If approved by instructor, dance paws or other equivalent footwear in tan color may be worn.
  • Tights of the appropriate color may be rolled up to mid-calf.


Character Classes

  • Dress code as above with character shoes and character skirt (skirt worn down to knee). Students placed in intermediate and advanced levels will have character classes.

Supplemental Classes

  • Dress code applies to all 5-Week Summer Ballet Program students when taking supplemental classes.
  • Exceptions: It is recommended that students do not wear ballet attire for hip hop, instead loose, comfortable clothing is suggested.
  • Hair may be down if students lie on their backs for a substantial part of the class, and appropriate shoes may be worn (hip hop, jazz, etc.).
  • Sweatpants or shorts may be worn for hip hop classes only.

Dress Code Outside of Classes

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet has an international and professional-level reputation. We ask all of our students to dress appropriately outside of class. 

  • Dancewear, bathing suits, and shorts and skirts that are shorter than mid-thigh, etc., are not appropriate attire for the street or the Dickinson College Dining Hall.
  • Proper closed-toe footwear should be worn when walking
  • All ballet attire must be covered
  • No holes in inappropriate locations

Important Dress Code Notes

  1. All clothing and shoes brought to the studios should be marked with the name of the student.
  2. All dance clothing must be neat. Holes and frayed edges must be mended. No undergarments should show.
  3. Leotards must be traditional in style and of one solid color, unadorned and with no lace. The most preferred styles are standard scoop neck, tank, capped sleeves and sleeveless. Leotards with turtlenecks, extremely low-cut backs or high-cut legs are not permitted; nor are multiple straps, keyhole backs, banded backs, halter straps, crisscross or any other strap or see-through designs or other non-traditional types.
  4. Students in upper levels who are permitted to wear blue or other colors must wear black leotards (females) or white shirts (males) if they have missed even one class and have not made it up.
  5. It is suggested that all female students bring 6-7 black leotards since class ratings are established after arrival to the Program, and most students (approximately 90%) will find themselves at a level requiring that uniform.
  6. The bra may be built into the leotard, but in some cases, such a bra may not be adequate. Of course, bras do not have to be worn by very young students.
  7. Students may not wear skirts (exception: character class), leg-warmers, waist bands or other extra clothing in class.
  8. Students who own pink pointe shoes should bring them to the Program. Remember, students may not necessarily be scheduled for pointe classes.
  9. Leg and foot braces and wrappings may not be worn. Since this is a very intensive course, a student with recent injuries or recovering from a long illness should carefully consider his or her readiness to attend this Program. Please call 717.245.1195 to discuss options.
  10. Students may not wear jewelry, including watches and rings in class. Small pierced earrings are acceptable.
  11. Eye glasses may not be worn in class. Contact lenses are recommended. Please call 717.245.1195 to discuss options.
  12. Please note that students are NOT permitted to bring needles, matches, jet glue or lighters onto CPYB property for any reason. Shoes must be sewn and maintained at home or at the dorm, and ribbons must be singed outside.
  13. All students will be responsible for sewing their own ribbons and elastic onto ballet and pointe shoes. CPYB and residence life staff members will not assist students in this task.