Level Placement

Placement Class: Sunday, June 24, at CPYB Warehouse Studios

All students will take a placement class on Sunday, June 24, when students are divided according to ability into approximately 25 different levels from B-1 through E-4. The time of your placement class will be in your check-in packet upon your arrival to the Program. Students arriving late to the Program will be placed in a temporary level based on application materials until they can be assessed by the appropriate staff, at which time they may be moved if necessary. Currently enrolled CPYB students and students registered for Level A are not required to take a placement class. 

The division of students into levels is based solely on ability, not age. Based on the placement class, students are placed in the level where they will benefit the most. Placement factors include technical achievement and the nature of individual needs observed in the class. For instance, students of about the same level with similar body placement challenges may be assigned to one class to enable the teachers to concentrate on the correction of those specific needs/challenges. Normally there are students of a broad range of ages in each class. Many levels, in fact, represent only small differences in ability, and a certain level this year may be much more or much less advanced than that same level of the previous year. The levels are taught according to the ability of the students in the level and not according to a certain syllabus for the level.

After the beginning of the Program, changes in class placement are always initiated by CPYB 5-Week Summer Ballet Program teachers—never by the student or their parents. On the rare occasions when adjustment in level is warranted, a change will be made as soon as possible.