Student Rules

These rules apply to all 5-Week Summer Ballet Program students regardless of residential status and are designed to provide an atmosphere that allows maximum benefit from ballet instruction. These rules are enforced by CPYB staff and faculty.

When deemed appropriate, these rules may be modified and/or additional rules may be implemented with the approval of the CPYB CEO. All parents and guardians must read these rules carefully with the student prior to attending the Program.

General Program Rules

1. All students are expected to be well-behaved, courteous, and honest; to abide by the rules of the CPYB 5-Week Summer Ballet Program, the Residence Halls, Dickinson College, and the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and to follow the instructions of all CPYB and Dickinson College staff members. Failure to do so may result in a loss of privileges, notification to parents, and/or immediate dismissal with forfeiture of all fees. In addition, if the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are broken, the appropriate authorities will be contacted.

2. College regulations include, but are not limited to, the following in College buildings and on College property:

 a. All individuals will abide by Pennsylvania law, federal law and College regulations regarding intoxicants, narcotics, and drugs. (Dickinson has a no smoking policy in all College buildings, including individual residence hall rooms.)

 b. Jet glue, fireworks, explosives, and highly flammable materials are prohibited within the residence halls or buildings, or on the grounds.

 c. Animals are not allowed in any College building (except service dogs). Fines will be imposed.

 d. The burning of candles is not permitted in any College building.

3. Students who cause excessive difficulties and or endanger the health, safety, or welfare of themselves or others will be dismissed from the Program immediately with forfeiture of all fees.

4. All students must abide by the CPYB attendance policy and dress code.

5. Students are not to touch the belongings of others in the studios or in the residence halls.

6. Students are not to enter another student’s residence room without permission.

7. No smoking, chewing gum, or use of bad language is allowed in or near the dance studios or residence halls.

8. Use or possession of drugs and pills of any kind (including over-the-counter pain relievers, herbal supplements, diet pills and laxatives) is not permitted. For those students living in campus housing, prescribed or over-the-counter medicines listed on the student’s medical form or in a written note on file with the residence life director are an exception to this rule.

Students who have permission to take medicine during the Program may not offer that medicine to anyone else. Students may not take drugs or pills from anyone during the Program except a parent, a nurse, or a doctor.

9. Alcohol is prohibited in the studios or residence halls. Pennsylvania Law prohibits drinking by those under 21. Students under the age of 21 are not to be where alcohol is being served unless accompanied by their parents.

10. The use or possession of weapons of any type is prohibited.

11. Students housed on campus may travel only in areas marked on the 5-Week Summer Program Walking Map (provided at check-in). When walking to class, or anywhere else, students 14 and older must always be accompanied by at least one other student; students 13 and younger must be accompanied by at least two other students.

12. Residential students are not permitted to ride in or on motor vehicles unless written permission is on file in the CPYB office or with the summer residence life director. This includes family members, people not associated with their families and the 5-Week Summer Ballet Program staff. (See Permission to Leave with a Parent or Visitor)

13. Displays of affection are almost always inappropriate and should be avoided.

14. In keeping with the honor system, students who witness violations of rules must report them immediately to the appropriate staff person. Those who do not may be subject to disciplinary action.

15. CPYB is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

16. Students/guests are prohibited from bringing peanut butter (or any nut product) or any outside food into the Dickinson Dining Hall.

Disciplinary Action

Any student breaking rules such as those concerning alcohol and drug use, unauthorized visiting, curfews, or any student causing excessive or continuous difficulties, or endangering the health, safety, or welfare of themselves or others will be asked to leave the Program immediately. The family will be contacted, and arrangements will be made to send the student home at the parents’ expense with forfeiture of all fees. Severity of consequences is contingent upon the magnitude of the infraction up to and including dismissal from the Program. Discipline is at the discretion of the Program staff. When a student is dismissed, the parent/custodial guardian will be notified. That notification is official and final. Parents/custodial guardians must remove their student from campus/CPYB studios within 24 hours of expulsion.