Saturday, April 25 at 1 PM and 7 PM
Sunday, April 26 at 2 PM 

Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, Harrisburg, PA

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A Tormented Tale of Eternal Love!

Considered one of the greatest romantic ballets of all time, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet proudly presents the timeless performance of Giselle, an internationally renowned, powerful tale of desire, deception, and forgiveness from beyond the grave. The New York Times calls it “the classic of all ballet classics.” 

Since its premiere in 1841, Giselle continues to enthrall audiences today, 179 years after its triumphant premiere. Set to Adolphe Adam’s exhilarating score, every element of Hineline’s Giselle—the choreography, lighting, sets and costumes, and music—will draw you into this miraculous journey of love. 


Photos: CPYB's 2012 performance of Alan Hineline's Giselle © Rosalie O'Connor Photography 




Giselle is a ghost-filled ballet that tells the tragic, romantic story of a beautiful young peasant girl who falls for the flirtations of the deceitful and disguised nobleman Albrecht. When the ruse is revealed, Giselle dies of heartbreak, and Albrecht must face the otherworldly consequences of his seduction.


The second act is largely dominated by the Wilis, the spirits of maidens who died after being betrayed by their lovers, and take revenge in the night by dancing men to death by exhaustion. Led by Myrtha, the Queen of the Wilis, they summon Giselle from her grave and target her lover for her death, but Giselle's great love frees him from their grasp. They gain their power in numbers as they effortlessly move through dramatic patterns and synchronized movements, and control the stage with their long tulle dresses and stoic expressions, creating an ethereal atmosphere that builds as they gradually close in on Albrecht. By saving Albrecht from the Wilis, Giselle also saves herself from becoming one of them.