Volunteer Applause

Just as a ballet company is not complete without their corps de ballet, CPYB is not complete without a strong corps of volunteers.

We applaud all of our Corps de Ballet Volunteers who have contributed over 1,278 hours for the 2017/2018 season!

Principal Volunteers (100+ Hours)

Barbara Guillaume
Christopher and Gretchen Leff

Demi-Soloist Volunteers (75+ Hours)

Jerry Clawson
Sara Clepper
Mark Easteadt

Soloist Volunteers (50+ Hours)

Jennifer Clements
Jody Morris
Jessica Zuvich
Corps Volunteers (10+ Hours)
Hank and Kathy Aberman
Scott Avery
Michele Bowers
Nick Brilhart
Joi Corrado
Ann Marie Delevan
Jennifer Fromm
Amanda Ginter
Bob and Mimi Goodling
Kelly Gore
Dawn Groff
Cori Guillaume
Alexis Hurley
Edward and Karen Kirkham
Amy Krisko
Chiquita Morrison
Margo Myers
Sophia Nelms
Betsy Snyder
Jen Trautlein
Mark Vickrey
Tonnie Webb
Kathy Welsh
Jennifer Wolfe
Jennifer Wolverton