Impact Awards

On June 25, 2016, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet celebrated 60 years of changing lives through dance. CPYB also honored those who take center stage in our community for their commitment to the arts with the inaugural Impact Awards.

The Impact Awards are a direct reflection of CPYB's threefold mission - to inspire, educate and enrich lives through training in and performance of classical ballet. CPYB will continue to honor the most deserving individuals, families and corporations in Southcentral Pennsylvania every five years.

Bob & Mimi Goodling Patron Award

Honoring an individual or family who supports the arts and INSPIRES others to do the same.

60th Anniversary Honoree
The Salinger Family, Unique Limousine



Steven Neiman Innovation Award

Honoring an organization or individual for their commitment to ENRICH lives through investment in new and innovative art works.

60th Anniversary Honoree
Kristen Olewine-Milke


Marcia Dale Weary Legacy Award

Honoring a life-long commitment to the arts as a way to EDUCATE children and to provide valuable life skills for their future success.

60th Anniversary Honoree
Darla Hoover