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Why More Boys Should Consider a Career in Ballet

Jun 7, 2023 | Ballet

Times are slowly changing, but the perception that ballet is “just for girls” is still alive and well. The numbers seem to support that notion, too.

For young males who love to dance and perform, that means a lot of opportunities when they explore ballet for boys. Enrolling in children’s classes, they learn the basics and begin to develop coordination, strength, and, perhaps most importantly, confidence. These classes generally mix boys and girls, so they learn critical social skills, too.

The Next Step

For boys who fall in love with ballet and embrace it with passion and drive, a career in ballet might be for them. So, what do the opportunities mentioned earlier look like? We’re going to focus on three of the many reasons a young male dancer might want to take the next step and progress from classes in ballet for boys to a career for young men.

  1. Excellent male dancers are in high demand. That dance experience can lead to a second career as an artistic director or choreographer.
  2. Opportunity for travel. The U.S. is home to quite a few world-renowned companies, such as the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. Landing a spot in a summer intensive with them or later joining one of these companies can be the ticket to experiencing new cities in our country and around the world. The Paris Opera Ballet, the Royal Ballet in London, and the Australian Ballet are just a few prestigious companies that can give an ambitious danseur – the male equivalent of a ballerina – a chance to see the world.
  3. The thrill of performing. Very young dancers focus on developing coordination, increasing flexibility, and mastering techniques. Serious dancers progress to performance, and that’s where ballet for boys can really hook a dedicated dancer. Nothing can match performing for an audience.

Male Ballet Scholarships

The ballet world recognizes the need to cultivate more danseurs and has been taking action to encourage more boys to get into ballet. One way is by offering male ballet scholarships. Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CYPB) offers a two-year male scholarship for boys 14-19 that is particularly noteworthy. This scholarship covers admission fees, tuition, and all courses. To learn more about CPYB’s two-year male scholarships, click here.

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