Beginning Ballet

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Be Your Dream: Coming June 20 – July 23, 2022

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Inspiring a Love for Child Ballet

Beginning Ballet Level A is designed for students ages 6-7 who have zero to one year of training (not including preschool classes). Students learn the basic ballet positions, the progression of a standard ballet barre, and learning the French vocabulary that defines all the steps in ballet. These students also move into beginning center work, away from the support of the ballet barre.

When: June 20 – July 23, 2022

Where: CPYB Warehouse Studios, 5 N Orange Street, Carlisle, PA

If your dancer has attended a previous CPYB program, please contact prior to completing the online registration.

Child Ballet Class

Dress Code

  • Black leotard, conservative traditional styles (no embellishments, low-cut backs, halters, high-cut legs or strap designs)
  • Ballet pink or flesh tone footed tights worn in shoes. Ballet shoes should be the same tone as tights with elastic strap.
  • Hair in a bun or similar style if possible; short hair secured with a band; all bangs neatly pinned or sprayed back
  • White leotard or plain white t-shirt tucked in tights
  • Black tights
  • Black ballet shoes with elastic strap
  • White socks (short)

Frequently Asked Questions

Youth ballet training is an excellent way to build character in children. Ballet improves muscle strength, coordination, balance, and helps young people develop social skills. If you are considering ballet for your child, here are some frequently asked questions that first-time ballet parents may have. Scroll through to learn more!

Do Beginning Ballet Classes Have a Structure?

The Summer Beginning Ballet Program (ages 6-7) is designed for students with zero to one year of training. Students learn basic ballet positions and the progression of a standard ballet barre. Beginning Ballet Program students also move into beginning center work, away from the ballet barre, and begin to learn the French vocabulary that defines all the steps in ballet.

How Early Should We Arrive for Class?

Arriving at least ten to fifteen minutes early will give students an opportunity to prepare and focus before class begins. Take this opportunity to use the bathroom, change your shoes and be ready for class.

What Should We Bring to a Beginning Ballet Class?

Besides the proper attire, bring a water bottle and you may want a bag for changing out your shoes. But most importantly, bring your focus and imagination!

Payment Policy

If the full payment of tuition and/or any other CPYB 5-Week Summer Ballet Program fees along with all required forms and materials are not received by the stated deadlines, the student will be placed on a waiting list.

All payments will be processed through the credit card or bank account on file in your CPYB Family Portal. CPYB accepts bank draft, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify their financial institution regarding limits on their account or fraud prevention. Transactions declined for any reason incur a $35 declined transaction fee. ONLY if a letter from the financial institution stating the account was closed due to fraud is provided within 48 hours prior to the payment being processed will the $35 declined transaction fee be waived.

Withdrawal Policy

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet must receive written notice of a student withdrawing from the 2021 5-Week Summer Ballet Program through an official withdrawal form. The Parent or Guardian will be responsible for all payments due until this written notice of withdrawal is received. Verbal notification of withdrawal will not be accepted. Withdrawal forms can be requested by emailing

Unforeseeable Disasters Policy

As we saw in 2020, there may be unforeseeable disasters that would cause CPYB to restructure and/or cancel our program(s). If CPYB were to alter its program due to an unforeseeable disaster, we will offer discounts, deferments and/or refunds at our discretion.

PLEASE NOTE: Even with an unforeseeable disaster, CPYB will not refund your $35.00 application fee or $150.00 of your tuition.

Refund and Deferment Policy

2021 Tuition:
Tuition paid is non-refundable and non-transferable to another student or program.

If a student must withdraw from the program due to prolonged illness or severe injury that prohibits their participation, verified by a doctor’s certificate, CPYB will consider an account credit option for tuition paid at the time of withdrawal.

After the 5-Week Summer Ballet Program has started, tuition paid is non-refundable and non-transferable to another student or program.

Give Them Time to Bloom


After the initial rush of enthusiasm for ballet, many children in youth ballet training may reach a plateau in their interest. If you feel as though your child’s excitement for classes is waning, don’t be discouraged. Learning something new is exciting and challenging. With your encouragement, your child will learn that perseverance will make those difficult movements easier. They will also begin to recognize the value of hard work and the rewards that it can bring. 

Put Your Confidence in the Teachers

Ballet students spend several hours per week with their instructors, and form bonds with these adults. Often, teachers push students to their limits for the child’s benefit. Trust that the ballet teacher is acting in your child’s best interest.

Dance is a lifelong commitment, and it can be challenging for children to advance their strength and technique. Don’t give up—give your child love and encouragement and watch them bloom in class!

Be Your Dream

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