Pre-Professional Ballet Programs

Take your training to the next level. Pre-professional ballet programs are available for students up to the age of 19 – Applications are now being accepted!

Realize Your Dream at CPYB

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s established training program has helped dancers realize their dreams for more than 65 years. Our proven curriculum, developed by renowned founder, Marcia Dale Weary, was designed to progress your skills and prepare you for success in the dance world and beyond.

Applications for our pre-professional ballet programs are accepted until the program is filled.

Pre Professional Ballet Programs
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Hard work, determination, and discipline are the cornerstones of our Pre-Professional Ballet Program. Here, your dedication earns you a well-deserved place in each level, as you immerse yourself in a culture of growth and achievement.
Pre-professional students experience 25 to 30 hours of intensive training per week, excluding rehearsal hours. Weekdays are dedicated to classes from 4:00 PM to 8:15 PM, with an optional technique class available from 3:00-4:00PM. Saturdays continue the rhythm from 10AM to 5PM, with scheduled breaks to recharge. And when it’s time to perfect your craft on stage, rehearsals extend until 9 PM on weekdays and until 5:30 PM on Saturdays, starting right after your morning classes.

At CPYB, we understand the journey of pre-professional ballet dancers. That’s why our program offers unwavering support and rigorous training, guiding students towards excellence in every pirouette and plié. From refining technique to exploring the intricacies of pointe work, pas de deux, variations, and men’s classes, every aspect of your development is meticulously crafted to propel you towards your ballet dreams.

Reach your potential and refine your artistry with CPYB’s Pre-Professional Ballet Program. Your journey to the stage starts here.


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At CPYB, our Academic Year tuition is set for the entire school year, providing stability and consistency for you and your dancer. This comprehensive fee covers all classes, rehearsals, and performances, with no surprise charges for extras like costumes or performance coaching. We’re committed to offering competitive pricing compared to other leading ballet programs, as shown in the table below. Additionally, we offer discounts for upfront payment or a two-installment plan. Otherwise, tuition payments are conveniently made every two months. We strive to create the best environment for your aspiring dancer while ensuring transparency and affordability for our families.

Annual Tuition: $6,500.00 with options to pay in full or installments.


Cost of Living Difference



Central Pennsylvania
Youth Ballet




School A

0.71% LOWER than Carlisle



School B

0.3% LOWER than Carlisle




CPYB collaborates closely with the Carlisle Area School District (CASD) to offer students the option of traditional, in-person academic schooling while pursuing their passion for dance. Through this partnership, CPYB students seamlessly earn humanities and physical education credits at CASD, streamlining their academic workload. With a condensed schedule running from 7:40 AM to 12:45 PM, students enjoy the best of both worlds without any additional charges.

For those seeking more flexibility or specialized educational opportunities, CPYB also supports students in pursuing online programs of their choice. One such option is Dwight Global Online, renowned for its excellence in education and tailored to accommodate the demanding schedules of dedicated dancers. Interested students can directly contact Dwight Global Online for tuition information, ensuring they receive a world-class education while pursuing their dance ambitions.


Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet does not offer housing for students moving to Carlisle, PA. Instead, we provide a dynamic host family program designed to empower students to personalize their experience to match their unique personalities, social preferences, and study habits. Upon acceptance, you’ll receive a curated list of housing options, each carefully vetted to ensure safety and comfort. Every host family on our list is required to have PA Child Abuse, State Police, and FBI clearances, to allow a secure environment for our students.


At Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB), we’re passionate about preparing our students not just as dancers, but as artists poised for professional success. Performance is an important component of our training philosophy because we believe it’s essential for developing well-rounded, versatile dancers.

Each December, our students step onto the stage, embodying the grace of George Balanchine’s iconic choreography in The Nutcracker, a privilege exclusive to CPYB as the only licensed school in the world. But that’s just the beginning. In the Spring, our repertoire extends to the classics like Giselle, Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, and Sleeping Beauty, showcasing the depth and diversity of ballet’s heritage.

In June, our students take the stage in a dynamic mix of contemporary, modern, classical, and neo-classical works. This immersive experience not only hones their technical skills but also nurtures their artistic expression, preparing them for the demands of today’s dance world.

At CPYB, we don’t participate in competitions. Instead, we focus on cultivating a deep understanding of performance artistry. By participating in a wide range of productions, our dancers develop the adaptability and versatility sought after by top companies and directors worldwide.

Join us at CPYB, where every performance is an opportunity to shine, to grow, and to transform into the artist you were meant to be.


Elevate your ballet journey at CPYB. Experience a holistic approach that not only refines your technique but also nurtures your body and mind to their fullest potential.

At CPYB, we’re dedicated to strengthening, lengthening, and stabilizing both your body and mind. Through our tailored conditioning program, you’ll discover newfound strength to support your dance technique. Our offerings include invigorating Pilates sessions and personalized semi-private conditioning programs designed specifically for ballet students like you.

Step into our state-of-the-art conditioning room, equipped with treadmills, elliptical machines, and rowing machines, to further enhance your physical capabilities. In the unfortunate event of injuries, rest assured that our on-site physical therapy and massage therapy services are readily available outside of class times, ensuring you receive the same level of care as professional dancers.

To aid in your recovery journey, we’ve teamed up with Hyperice to provide cutting-edge recovery equipment, including Normatech leg and hip boots, as well as back, knee, and shoulder wraps that offer soothing massage and heat therapy, among other revitalizing items.

But our commitment doesn’t end there. We understand the importance of mental well-being in dance. That’s why we’ve partnered with Persistence Psych, a renowned company specializing in supporting high-functioning athletes and dancers. Through engaging seminars and FREE one-on-one confidential appointments, you’ll receive the vital mental health support you need to thrive both on and off the stage.

At CPYB, excellence in ballet meets comprehensive care for the body and mind. Your journey to becoming the best dancer you can be starts here.


Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s pre-professional ballet program will build and refine your technique, as well as help you achieve your potential. Our faculty includes CPYB alumni, in addition to former professional dancers and choreographers, who provide the highest level of instruction and guidance to pre-professional students.

Students in the Pre-Professional Ballet Program division, consisting of Levels 5 through 8, earn their placement in each level through hard work, determination, and discipline. In addition to technique classes, students will attend pointe, pas de deux, variations, and men’s classes. The amount of time spent in a particular level depends solely on the student’s individual improvement, and is determined by CPYB’s Artistic Leadership.


What is Pre-Professional Dance Training?

A dancer entering a pre-professional program is looking for their next step in advancing their technique and artistry. The program guides them through the rigors of professional dance training.

Dance is unique because it puts young people on a professional track much earlier than other careers. It does require is a person with the right mindset, training, and professional connections. Learn more about this type of program below!

Who Can Enroll in Pre-Professional Training?

Typically, pre-professional dancers have had dance training for several years. They are likely taking daily classes at their current dance studio and have experience performing.

Dancers with this technical experience looking to expand their learning opportunities at the next level should consider pre-professional training. This training is for you if:

  • You are 13 to 19 years old.
  • You are part of intermediate or advanced classes at your current school.
  • You take your dance classes seriously thriving during long days in the studio.

Read more about our audition requirements below!

Should You Enroll in Pre-Professional Training?

Because you have the physical capabilities doesn’t mean you should automatically enroll in a pre-professional program. Before committing to one, you should have answers for the following:

Can You Balance Training and Academics?

You can study dance full-time even if you are still in high school. At CPYB, students who wish to maintain traditional academic schooling can receive physical education and humanities credits from the Carlisle Area School District. Students may also continue with or enroll in an online program for their academic studies.

Are You Prepared For the Financial Costs?

Pre-professional dance training includes expenses like tuition, room and board, pointe shoes among other things. So before setting your sights on a pre-professional program, make sure you consider your options. Many schools offer scholarships—you should explore those as well.

Still Deciding If a Professional Career Is for You?

If you want to dance professionally but are unsure whether attending a pre-professional program will be a good fit for you right now, it’s okay. There are plenty of ways you can explore pre-professional training to see if you are ready.

For instance, CPYB offers a 5-week summer ballet program and an August Course that gives students a preview into what it is like to train using Marcia Dale Weary’s Proven Teaching Syllabus©. Many dancers who go on to enroll in the pre-professional program get their start in these programs. If the pre-professional life is for you—enroll today!

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