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The Love of Ballet Begins Here

When it comes to caring for your child, you want the very best. You want them to be happy, well-adjusted, and have every opportunity to become their best selves.

Exposure to the arts and sports can help children expand their horizons. Enrolling your child in a ballet class helps them build confidence, creativity and coordination and provides great exercise. Ballet dancing has always been a rewarding medium for both girls and boys, and is an activity that children can safely begin at an early age.

Watch your child’s confidence, focus, and imagination grow with ballet. At Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, girls and boys learn coordination, ballet vocabulary, and classroom etiquette in a progressive sequence based on their development. These ballet classes for 3 year olds and up in Carlisle, PA will help your son or daughter develop the life-long skills of focus, discipline, and confidence.



Ballet classes are an excellent way to build character in children. Ballet improves muscle strength, coordination, balance, and helps young people develop social skills and a work ethic that they take with them for the rest of their lives.

If you are considering ballet for your child, here are some resources for ballet parents selecting Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet:


Creative Movement

For children 3-4 years of age by September 1.*

This foundational class encourages a child’s sense of creativity and imagination, while introducing them to the fundamental elements of movement. Students will gain awareness of musicality and rhythm while exploring the concepts of space, time, force, movement, body, and form. Age-appropriate classroom activities develop gross motor skills, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance while introducing students to the structure, etiquette, and discipline of dance in a fun and encouraging environment. Students will learn classical ballet terminology and practice exercises specifically designed to prepare them for future ballet training.

Students must be potty trained. Class offered on Wednesday or Saturday.

*If your child is 3 years old, please contact us prior to registration. CPYB will determine their readiness based on date of birth and any current enrollment with preschool or daycare programs.


For children 5-6 years of age by September 1.

With two ballet classes available per week, Pre-Ballet classes provide a critical transition from Creative Movement to CPYB’s first level of classical ballet training. Foundational ballet techniques will be introduced in this course including barre work and basic ballet terminology. Elements of pantomime, as it relates to classical ballet narration, will also be incorporated in this class. Music, movement, and creativity will continue to be explored in Pre-Ballet to best suit the developmental needs of students and ensure an efficient transition from Creative Movement to Level I. 


For Pre-Ballet students only.

Tap class develops the student’s rhythm and coordination. As students learn to put dance steps together in a variety of ways, they improve cognitive thinking skills. Precise musicality and classroom etiquette are emphasized.

Students enrolled in Pre-Ballet can enhance their dance experience by taking tap classes at no additional tuition cost.

Tuition 2024/2025
ClassAnnual Tuition
Creative Movement$550

Optional classes are at no additional cost to students. A $120 Registration and Security Fee is required each year.

Learn More About Payment Options.

Class Schedule 2024/2025

Class times are subject to change. *All times listed in EST. Classes begin September 2024.

Movement (Wed)
4:30 - 5:15PM*
Creative Movement (Sat)10:00 - 10:45AM*
Pre-Ballet5:45 - 6:45PM*5:45 - 6:45PM*
4:30 - 5:15PM*

A few key reasons to consider ballet for your child:

Ballet classes for students ages 3 & up are fairly simple, but still provide an excellent introduction to ballet, give young ones an opportunity to move their bodies, and develop some important physical and social skills.

It’s a wonderful way to get exercise

The benefits of ballet for children go beyond a typical physical workout. Early ballet classes help young ones learn coordination and proper posture. In early Creative Movement classes, children learn to explore rhythms and emotions through movement.

In addition to being a healthy activity, early Creative Movement classes for children offer an exciting way to build stamina, strength, and flexibility. Ballet classes can help children form healthy habits for the years to come.

It Builds Confidence

An excellent dance instructor can bring out the best in young students. Exposure to teachers committed to providing a safe early learning environment helps young ballet students build self-confidence – even bringing shy children out of their shells. Group classes that learn early on to cheer for one another, can also build lasting impressions and coach young dancers to be lifelong encouragers and team players.

It helps them discover early friendships

Apart from learning new skills, habits, and gaining confidence, children also have opportunities to meet other children from all walks of life in a ballet class. Especially when children continue with their ballet education together, early classes can result in friendships that last a lifetime. Meeting new people with shared interests in a class that encourages creativity and expression through movement is a wonderful climate for building relationships.

There are many benefits to enrolling children ages 3 and up in ballet classes

If you’re considering early ballet as an activity for your toddler, it can offer some remarkable benefits – a few of which we’ve shared here. There are many children who dream of someday being a famous dancer on the international stage, and for those it’s always best to begin early. Even for those children who don’t dream of a career in ballet, early dance classes provide a strong foundation for the rest of their lives!

Dress Code


All students must provide their own clothing and shoes for classes, and shoes and tights for performances. The school provides costumes for performances.

Important Notes

  • Flesh-colored support bandages and braces (if needed) should be worn under dancewear.
  • All clothing and shoes should be marked with the student’s name.
  • Only natural-looking make-up and fingernail polish may be worn in class.
  • Students may not wear jewelry, including watches and rings in class. Small, pierced earrings are acceptable.
  • All dance clothing must be clean and free of holes and runs.
  • Clean ribbons and elastics on shoes.
  • For the safety of the children, eyeglasses are not permitted. Please contact CPYB if your student cannot wear contacts.


Creative Movement: Mirella Girl’s Cap Sleeve leotard, Lilac in color (M515C) or Bloch Girls Essential Short Sleeve Leotard, Lavender in color (CL5602 or CL5402)

Pre-Ballet: Mirella Girl’s Cap Sleeve leotard, Blackberry in color (M515CD) or Bloch Girls Essential Short Sleeve Leotard, Aubergine in color (CL5602)


  • Ballet pink or Flesh tone footed tights worn in shoes. Ballet shoes should be same tone as tights with elastic strap. *
  • Pre-Ballet tap students only – black tap shoes.
  • No skirts.
  • Hair in a bun or similar style if possible; short hair secured with a band.


  • White leotard or plain white t-shirt tucked into tights.
  • Black, opaque, male tights.
  • Black ballet shoes with elastic strap. *
  • White socks (short).
  • Hair neatly combed back out of face and secured.

The requirements are subject to change. *It is recommended that students are properly fit for their ballet shoes and shoes are purchased at a dancewear store.

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At Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, we have been providing the finest classical ballet training since 1955. If you’re looking for beginner ballet classes in Central Pennsylvania, learn more about our Children’s Division by completing our contact form or give us a call at 717.601.2840.

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