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6 Essentials That Your Dance Bag Should Have

Sep 29, 2021 | Ballet

Be it a painter, an entrepreneur, a pilot, or even a basketball player, each profession will have go-to essentials kept in their bags, and of course, ballet dancers will have a set of their own too.

As a ballet dancer, the most powerful instrument of your art form is your body. Keeping that in mind, there are items you’ll need to take with you to ensure that your instrument is in the best shape possible. That’s why you’ll often see dancers lugging a huge bag around as they go to rehearsals. Still, the mystery lies within the pockets and compartments.

If you’re beginning ballet class is soon, preparation is a must, and this means your dance bag has all the essentials. We’ve compiled a list of things to help you build a powerful dance bag.

What are the dance bag essentials?

1. Dance Shoes

Ballet dancers will need to bring various dance shoes, especially when required to perform different movements and techniques, such as during auditions. Another reason you’ll need to have ballet shoes and pointe shoes handy – because every rehearsal is different.

2. Tights, Leotards, and Warm-Ups

Along with shoes, another critical essential is your dance clothing. For ballet dancers, you’ll need an extra pair of tights, leotards, and warm-ups, all of which should be clean and ready to use. It can get pretty hot in the studio!

3. Hair Essentials

Ballerinas know that keeping their hair up and out of their faces is critical. As for men, their hair should stay in place and out of their face as well. For this reason, having hair essentials like pins, ties, nets, and gels are important.

4. Body and Face Towel

Dancing can get you sweaty; that’s why a must-have for your dance bag is a body and face towel. Keeping your body clean and dry is essential and can prevent unwanted accidents like slipping and falling off lifts, so make sure to always pack a clean towel.

Oh, and you should have one for after you shower as well. So don’t forget to pack a reusable plastic bag for these too.

5. Mini First-Aid Kit

Ballet dancers are susceptible to injuries, and although your studio may have one of its own, having a mini first-aid kit with you at all times is a smart move.

Ideally, you’ll want to have antiseptic wipes in your kit to clean off cuts, scrapes, and dirty hands and feet. Antibiotic ointment to treat these injuries and band aids are important too!

6. Healthy Snacks and Protein Bars

Sometimes a day of training and ballet classes can get hectic, so always ensure that your body has the fuel and nutrients in requires to keep going. Healthy, energy-boosting snacks can give you the power you need for another run of performances.

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