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Balancing Dance Lessons and Academics

Nov 1, 2021 | Ballet

As a young student dancer, it can oftentimes be a challenge to find the balance between academics and dance. Because they are both incredibly important for your present and future, you should know how to manage your time and excel in both aspects of your life.

You have to slice your time up between going to class, doing homework, working on projects, rehearsing, performing, and everything else in between. It can seem impossible to balance all of these important obligations, but worry not! Millions of passionate dancers have been able to find success in their academics and their careers, and there’s no reason that you can’t be one of them!

If you want to balance dance lessons and academics, consider the following tips:

1. School Must Be A Priority

Dancing might be your passion, but at this point in your life, the main thing you should focus on is your education. Think about it. If you fail a class, it can distinctly affect what your future is going to look like. It’s not a one-time thing you can just brush off; it can affect everything that happens with your education moving forward.

Admittedly, going to school isn’t nearly as fun as dancing in class. But it’s essential to stick to this commitment. If you are struggling, you can form a study group with other student dancers. This way, you’ll have a support system that shares your concerns while you juggle school and dance.

2. Keep Your Schedule Organized

A critical thing that can help you conquer academics and dancing is strict organization. Developing this skill early on in life will also be beneficial for you in the long run.

You can start organizing by downloading a scheduling app on your phone, starting a bullet journal, or keeping a planner. Whatever approach would work best for you, learn the habit of writing down your schedule with all of the dates, tasks, and responsibilities you have. Doing this can change the game for you and help you avoid being overbooked.

Additionally, you can ask for help from your dance teacher to stay on top of your schedule. You can ask for a calendar of events so that you can plot out your schedule long in advance. 

3. When You’re in Dance Class, Only Think about Dance

Yes, education must be your priority, but when you’re in the studio, give it your all and think about nothing else. So, whether you have a big test the next day or you had a bad moment in class, take all of that out of your mind and live in the moment while you’re dancing. When you do this, you’ll make the most of your efforts in learning about dance, and all of your investments will be worth it.

4. Embrace the Fact That Life Will Be Busy

If you love to dance and love spending time in a dance studio, there’s something you have to embrace—your life is going to be busy, and that’s perfectly okay. Instead of stressing too much about having a lot of things on your plate, enjoy it and embrace the craziness that comes with it.

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Being a student while pursuing a career in ballet is not impossible. With proper time management and a strong passion for dance, you can achieve academic success and fulfill your dreams simultaneously!

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