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What is the Best Age to Start Ballet?

Feb 5, 2024 | Ballet

Many parents ask, “what is the best age for a child to start ballet?” The answer may vary based on your child’s natural inclination towards dance, along with their individual skills and preferences.

When to Start Ballet Classes?

Enrolling your child in ballet is possible as young as three to four. At this age, a child’s mind is still developing, allowing them to adapt and learn more quickly than when they are a bit older. Starting preschool ballet classes or children’s ballet programs can help young kids learn coordination, balance, and how to control their movement. Early ballet classes for children also teach children how to follow instructions and offer a great way to stay active and exercise their young bodies.

Learning proper techniques and discipline is crucial for anyone serious about ballet, and this is a key focus in children’s ballet courses. More professional and practical training exercises begin later, at around ages 8-10.

When children begin ballet courses at an early age, it is much easier for them to develop the foundational elements they will ultimately build on, whether they decide to pursue ballet seriously or not. Although it is advisable for children to enroll in ballet as young and early as possible, it is not a prerequisite to becoming successful. Some professional ballet dancers begin their training when they are 11, 13, or even older.

When Should You Start Ballet If You Want to Be a Professional Ballerina?

Enrolling in children’s ballet is highly recommended for those who dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. The younger a child is when they enroll in ballet, the easier it will be for them to learn new techniques, develop muscle memory, and maintain proper discipline. However, for those who are serious about becoming a professional ballet dancer, training can begin as early as age three.

Pre-professional ballet classes may begin around the ages of eight and ten for those who want to pursue a serious ballet education.

When Should You Start Ballet to Dance in College?

Many people strive to dance for fun, while others want to pursue ballet professionally or throughout their college career. If you are thinking of dancing in college and want to attend a school that supports professional ballet, enrolling in ballet between the ages of three and four is optimal.  While most rigorous ballet training only begins when a student is at least eight years of age, the basics, and the language can be taught early on. Even those who start dancing later can still strive to dance in college with the proper training program and practice.

Are you looking for a children’s ballet or preschool ballet class that is right for your child? If so, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet offers courses for children as young as three and four. Learn more about the children’s ballet classes we have available this year. 

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