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Kid’s Ballet Near Harrisburg, PA

Dec 16, 2022 | Ballet

Your child can learn the art of ballet through dance and have fun doing it! Our in-person beginner ballet classes near Harrisburg, PA, for children ages 3 – 10 are built on an age-appropriate curriculum. Along with an opportunity to grow and learn creative movement, and basic ballet, learning classical ballet at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet offers many other benefits for children in the Harrisburg area. Kid’s ballet classes provider value in three key areas – physicality, musicality, and creativity.


Kid’s ballet helps children build confidence and learn controlled body movements that focus on strength, improving posture, and coordination. The movement required for children’s ballet classes is also a great way for children to get aerobic activity. Physical activity, in general, is so important for a child’s growth and development. Ballet classes for children provide a safe and positive environment for physical activity, even at an early age.


Children love music and they are naturally drawn to it! Through ballet classes, children can begin to build a deeper relationship with music which can be a lifelong gift that brings great pleasure. Through music, children develop connections through body and mind – engaging both hemispheres in the brain and creating pathways that improve cognitive functioning.  While listening to music is wonderful for a child’s development, actively participating in music is where they make the strongest connections.


Learning how to express oneself through movement is an art form, and through kid’s ballet classes, children can begin to develop a relationship with dance and their bodies. Just like painting or building with blocks, creative expression through dance is important for a child’s physical development, mental and social growth, and helps them develop a strong sense of self.

Ballet classes for ages three and up at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet in the Harrisburg, PA, area teach coordination, ballet vocabulary, and classroom etiquette in a progressive sequence based on their development. Set your child up for success and perhaps even support them in discovering a passion for ballet!

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet is proud to offer kids ballet classes near Harrisburg, providing Individual attention in a positive environment with qualified faculty trained in Marcia Dale Weary’s proven teaching curriculum.

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