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Boys in Ballet 2022 Summer Programs

May 17, 2022 | Ballet

Ballet is one of the most well-known and popularized forms of formal dancing, originating between the 15th and 16th centuries. Historically, ballet involved dancing partners, both male and female. While boys training in ballet is not a new concept, it can be challenging to find suitable learning environments designed to help boys thrive in classical ballet.

At CPYB, we take pride in offering courses that are not gender-specific, providing boys who have an interest in learning and mastering ballet with the best instruction possible. This year, we offer two opportunities for children interested in pursuing ballet – a Beginning Ballet program starting on June 20 and our August course. Both programs are ideal for children who are just getting started with ballet and are interested in learning all of the benefits that ballet offers.

Beginning Ballet: June 20 – July 22, 2022

CPYB’s Beginning Ballet course is designed for children ages 6-7 who are complete beginners to ballet. Those with little to no ballet experience are welcome in the Beginning Ballet program. This program at CPYB will cover everything from traditional ballet lingo and definitions to understanding the ballet barre and basic ballet positions.

Rates for our Beginning Ballet course include:

  • Program cost: $550 per child
  • Registration fee: $35
  • Security fee: $60

Learn more about the Beginning Ballet program

August Course: Be Your Dream – August 1 – 12, 2022

Our August course, Be Your Dream, may be an excellent opportunity for boys between the ages of 6-7 with zero to one year of training or ages 7-18 with previous dance experience. This course is an ideal ballet course for boys as it focuses on gaining strength, stamina, and muscle while also refining traditional ballet techniques.

Rates for our August Course for children ages 6-7 include:

  • Program cost: $400 for two weeks or $225 for one week only
  • Application/registration fee: $35
  • Security fee: $60

Rates for our August Course for children ages 7-18 include:

  • Program cost: $750 for two weeks or $400 for one week only
  • Application/registration fee: $85
  • Security fee: $60

Learn more about our August Course

Benefits of Boys in Ballet

2022 ballet for beginners is inclusive and welcoming to children of all ages, including both girls and boys alike. There are many reasons to consider enrolling a boy who has a desire to learn and perform ballet in a professional course and program, such as:

  • Physical fitness: Children who begin ballet at a young age will be more likely to maintain control over their physical strength, stamina, and ultimately, physical health.
  • Exploring self-expression: Encouraging a boy to enroll in a ballet program can help him better express himself and explore interests and passions that may be new to him.
  • Focus and commitment: Instilling the importance of adherence to commitments is not always easy for young children. At CPYB, we pride ourselves on helping guide children of all ages toward healthy routines that help them remain focused and committed to reaching their goals.

2022 beginning ballet programs are not exclusively designed for girls. Our programs at CPYB celebrate that there is not only a demand for boys in ballet, but also that boys are historically a fundamental part of the art of ballet.

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