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Guide to Mastering Manèges in Ballet

Feb 21, 2022 | Ballet

Manèges, when executed beautifully, can give any performance a powerful climax. That said, a manège is hard to perfect, so hard that even some pros struggle with it.

Manèges are a classical term for “circular,” which describes a series of steps done in a circular pattern around the stage. It may either be a repetition of one or two steps or a combination of several steps.

So, how do you master a manège? Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, renowned ballet academy in Central Pennsylvania, shares some tips.

6 Tips to Master a Manege:

1. Start Simple

A great way to practice manèges is to make a dance circle with your class. This will teach you the basic steps to a manège and give you a chance to make corrections. You will also get a feel for how the steps are done. Don’t worry about the phrasing yet, as that part is more challenging to get. You can work on phrasing when you are comfortable with the steps.

2. Watch Other Dancers Perform the Manège

Viewing other dancers doing manèges is an excellent way to see how the steps are executed and what the form of the dance looks like. Try to spot the parts of the manège in the other dancers’ performances. This will give you insight into what the manège should look like and help you with how to perform it well.

3. Begin with a Box Instead of a Circle

Learning the movements and steps of the manège can be perplexing. In the beginning, it can be easier to learn them in a box instead of a circle. Doing the box first will force you to focus on the steps, their execution and ensure that you flow smoothly from one step to the next.

4. Use Your Whole Body to “Point”

In most cases, you will be using your fingers to point. It is, therefore, essential to use your whole body to point. When executing the steps, drive your whole body into the direction you want to go. This will ensure that you are using your whole body to point.

5. Always Practice Both Sides

After learning the basic steps of the manège, you can start to put them into a circle. Remember that a manège is performed in a circle to do the steps on both sides. Practicing both sides is an excellent way to get used to the position and movements for each direction. It will also make it easier for you to do a manège when you are in actual performance.

6. Take Classes from Our Ballet School in Central Pennsylvania

Another way to master manèges, whether a child or an adult, is by taking classes from the best ballet school in Central Pennsylvania. Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet has a long history of performing in prestigious ballet festivals, competitions, and theaters across the region.

If you are looking for a school that will help you develop the skills and discipline you need to become a professional ballet dancer, then Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet is the right place for you. Enroll in one of our classical ballet training programs today!

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