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What Happens in a Typical Ballet Class?

Sep 29, 2021 | Ballet

Whether you’ve enrolled in a ballet school or you’ve signed your child up for ballet classes, there’s no denying that the days leading up to their first ballet class can be pretty daunting. It’s normal to feel excited and nervous simultaneously but knowing what you can expect can surely boost your first ballet class experience.

The ballet class structure will often be similar anywhere you go, whether or not you’re an experienced dancer or a beginner in the craft. But what you’ll notice is that ballet classes are progressive, beginning each class with basic steps and gradually encouraging full-body movement by the end.

What to Know About Your Ballet Class Structure


Every ballet class will begin with dancers at the barre. Here, you’re encouraged to use the barre to assist and support your body as you perform small exercises.

On the surface, barre exercises may seem a bit mundane, but this part of the class is essential as it prepares your body for exercises in the next part of the class. Additionally, barre work also helps you understand your body, allowing you to build strength, improve body placement, and refine details in your technique.


Once dancers are through with the barre, they will move forward for center work. Here, dancers don’t use the support of the bar as you practice similar dance exercises and techniques that you did previously at the barre.

During center exercises, dancers focus on finding their balance and body placement on their own. However, exercises may be a tad more difficult as you incorporate more dynamic and full-body movements. Different movements are often mastered during this stage, such as balancé, tendu and jumps.

The Bottom Line: Your First Ballet Class Will Open Your Eyes to the Wonders of Ballet

Ballet is an amazing form of art, and once you step into the studio for your first class, you’ll quickly realize why it has remained one of the best forms of self-expression for centuries. Now that you’re familiar with the structure of every ballet class, you can step into your ballet school with confidence, knowing you’ll be guided every step of the way.

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