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Summer Ballet Intensive vs Summer Ballet Camp

Feb 10, 2022 | Ballet

Enrolling in some ballet classes can help in making your summer break a little more fun and productive. That endeavor can help you improve your dance skills and equip you with a little extra knowledge to assist in your journey to being a professional dancer.

There are two main options though when it comes to how you’ll spend your summer breakthrough dance-related activities: summer ballet intensives or summer ballet camp. There are several points of difference between the two class types, and here’s a brief outline that might help you decide on and further your dance training.

Recommended Dancer Age 

If you’re around the ages of 10-18, you can usually have your pick between ballet intensive and ballet dance camp. The former is marketed more for young dancers around 13-18 years old though, and that’s more evident during admissions.

Summer ballet camp is a little different and caters to the younger dancers around 7 and below. Ballet dancers who have minimal to no knowledge or experience of dancing are encouraged to try out summer ballet camps.

Program Length

Eyeing the program length to plan out your summer break is a pretty good step. Summer ballet intensives usually take on about four to six weeks of concentrated training in order to hone your skills. The goal is to escalate what you already understand in quite a short time frame.


The atmosphere at a summer ballet intensive is almost at the opposite end of a spectrum when compared to summer ballet camp. The classes are much more attuned, with plenty of dance professionals providing hands-on lessons about the different dancing techniques.

Summer ballet camp on the other hand is much more laidback than that, with the activities usually easier to take on or accomplish. This environment and pacing won’t overwhelm any younger dancers, which can be a good thing for beginners.


When it comes to experience, summer ballet intensives can genuinely amp up your skills even with a shorter amount of time. There’s a certain standard that you have to reach, but being selected and learning on-site can be quite rewarding.

As implied above, summer ballet camp just holds minimal to no pressure at all. Dancers will have a good time and make plenty of memories, but you typically won’t learn anything past the basics. 


Taking the different elements into consideration, each one does have its own advantages. Summer ballet intensives would be able to further your understanding of dance and allow you to grow with the dance techniques that you’re taught.

On the other hand, summer ballet camp can provide most of the basics without any stress. Both camps and intensives would be able to cater to a dancer depending on the level of their skill, so it can all depend on your own personal experience.

Summer Ballet Intensives vs Summer Ballet Camp?

If you are someone who’s already had some background in ballet and dancing in the past, summer ballet camp may not be as challenging or rewarding for you. Choosing to go with summer ballet intensives may allow you to further develop your capabilities as a dancer for your future career and plans.

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