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The Future of Ballet: How Two-Year Male Scholarships Can Help Shape the Ballet Industry

May 17, 2023 | Ballet

When you conjure up an image of the ballet industry, you likely envision a ballerina, ballet shoes, or even a classical stage production performed by female dancers. However, more men are joining ballet to become professional dancers than ever before. Throughout the history of ballet, men have played a vital role. From assisting with classical moves to choreographing entire ballets, there have been many influential men in the ballet industry.

Male scholarships provide incredible opportunities for young male dancers and have had a positive impact on male enrollment in ballet schools for those who are serious about a career in dance. CPYB is proud to offer equal opportunities for scholarships to males and females interested in pursuing professional ballet.

Expanding Opportunities

A two-year male scholarship doesn’t just provide classical ballet instruction. It covers tuition for ongoing training. Registration fees, courses, housing stipends, and even a personalized conditioning program are all included with CPYB’s two-year male ballet scholarship. This type of scholarship can eliminate a significant financial burden for those who otherwise might not have the resources to pursue a career in ballet or the professional training needed to build their career.

While enrolled at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, boys can work together to develop their skills in multiple areas. From building core strength and flexibility to boosting endurance over time, two-year male scholarship recipients receive a well-rounded education.

Eliminating the Stigma

Fortunately, there are more boys and men in ballet than ever–helping to crush stereotypes about specific gender-based roles. With scholarships designed specifically for men in ballet, CPYB proudly provides opportunities for more boys to follow their passion and do what they love in the company of other like-minded students in a supportive environment.

As more young dancers see men succeeding in the art of ballet, they are more likely to be inspired and imagine that a career as a professional dancer is possible for them. A two-year male scholarship can help make those dreams a reality.

Helping Boys Pursue Dreams of a Career in Ballet

For boys who dream of a successful career as a ballet dancer, there has never been a better time than right now. Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet offers scholarship opportunities to boys ages 14-19.

There are very important roles for men in ballet and by providing support through our two-year male scholarships, we can encourage more boys to pursue their dreams and combat the stigma, ultimately shaping the future of ballet.

Learn more about our two-year male scholarship program.

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