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How to Improve Dance Technique Outside of Rehearsals

Feb 24, 2022 | Ballet

It can be mentally and physically demanding to rehearse for dance performances. It could take you several hours a day, weeks, or months to rehearse. After all, you need to learn and perfect your choreography. Before you step into this environment, you need to be prepared to give everything you have and be proud of your final performance.

In this article, we will discuss how to improve dance technique and help you get ready for all the rehearsals leading up to your actual performance.

Don’t Just Rehearse

Beyond rehearsal, break it down on your own. Find different ways in the music to make your dancing more dynamic. This will help you not just do the steps, but bring the choreography to life.

Take Down Notes 

Since rehearsals tend to be fast-paced, it can affect how you retain new information. It would help if you come prepared with a notebook to take down notes on anything important. This could include taking note of actual steps and sequences to staging cues and blocking patterns.

Make it a habit to take down notes and check them at a later date when you’re not sure about something that will help you in the long run.

Mark Your Steps 

When you’re doing a new sequence of steps, you must always mark it through with your body rather than your head alone. This will help you with muscle memory, especially since repetition is key. An accurate and clean mark will also help ensure that you’re on top of your movements.

Enjoy The Process 

Lastly, the best way to push through with tough rehearsals is to think about your end goal. Performing is something many dancers live for, so you should embrace all the hard work you put through to achieve your goals. Enjoy each moment of the rehearsal process. By doing so, you will feel that every part of it is a rewarding experience for you.

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