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Summer Dance Camps for Kids Near Harrisburg

May 17, 2022 | Ballet

If you’re searching for top-tier 2022 summer ballet programs for both beginners and advanced dancers alike, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet offers a variety of summer courses that are perfect for any ballet dancer, regardless of skill level.

5-Week Summer Ballet Program

Summer Ballet Intensive: June 18th – July 23rd, 2022

For those seeking a summer ballet program, CPYB is offering a 5-week summer ballet intensive program that is optimal for children ages 7-18 who have completed a beginners’ course. For those who wish to focus on advancing techniques and improving strength, this summer program may be right for you.

If you are interested in registering for this 5-week summer ballet intensive program for your child, keep in mind that there is an application and review process involved. Dancers must be between the ages of 7 and 18. All applications are processed on a first-served basis. This program does require 3 photos, a professional headshot, a First arabesque, and Croisé fourth on relevé.

Tuition: $2,990-$3,400, depending on application deadlines

Room & Board; $3,600 – $3,800, depending on application deadlines.

Beginning Ballet

Beginning Ballet Level A:  June 20th – July 22nd, 2022

If you have a child between the ages of 6 and 7, CPYB’s Beginning Ballet course of 2022 may be perfect for you. Our Beginning Ballet course (Level A) is ideal for children who have one year or less of professional ballet training. This course includes learning basic ballet positions, familiarizing oneself with the ballet barre, and even discovering French vocabulary that is represented in the art of ballet.

Tuition: $550

Registration Fee: $35

Security Fee: $60

August Course

Be Your Dream: August 1st – August 12th, 2022

At CPYB, we also offer an intensive August course that is designed for two groups, beginners ages 6-7, and those ages 7-18 who have experience in ballet. Our esteemed CPYB faculty will not only provide refining techniques, strength, and stamping exercises, as well as intensive performance assistance, but also academic guidance as it pertains to the art of ballet itself.

Those who are interested in pursuing our August course at CPYB should be aware that there are multiple required courses that must be completed by all applicants and registered dancers. Beginning students can expect between 1-2 classes per day, while more experienced dancers can expect 2-3 classes early in the morning that end in the early afternoon in the summer. Our August course is one of our top summer ballet camp programs for children of all ages and all levels of skill.

Ages: 6-7 (One year of training or less)

Tuition: 1 week: $225 Both weeks: $400

Application Fee: $35

Security Fee: $60


Ages: 7-18 (With previous dance experience)

Tuition: 1 week: $400 Both weeks: $750

Application Fee: $85

Security Fee: $60

Dance Me a Story

Dance Me a Story Camp Dates: June 13th – June 17th

If you’ve searched high and low for kids’ summer dance camps only to find yourself feeling disappointed, look no further. This year, CPYB is offering a weeklong summer camp dedicated to helping children bring the magic of dance and art into their own lives with our very own rendition of the classic, The Nutcracker, by George Balanchine. Children ages 3-6 will have the opportunity to march with toy soldiers, dance with ballerinas, and watch the magic come alive as they sing, dance, and enjoy plenty of storytelling in this week-long program.

Tuition: $200

Ages: 3-6

Note: CPYB will provide a daily snack. All children enrolled in the Dance Me a Story summer program must be potty trained.

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