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How a Two-Year Male Scholarship Can Help Boys Achieve Their Ballet Dreams

Apr 21, 2023 | Ballet

For boys interested in ballet, seeking extensive training and programs may be challenging. The Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s ballet scholarship for boys provides many advantages that can ultimately help you achieve your ballet dreams and career goals. With a two-year male ballet scholarship, it is possible for boys to work towards their ballet goals and dreams with equal opportunity.

What’s Different with a Two-Year Male Scholarship?

A two-year male scholarship from CPYB provides extensive in-depth training focusing on physical strength, flexibility, agility, and emotional control. Boys who are awarded a two-year male scholarship will be expected to work alongside some of the most renowned dance teachers and instructors throughout the country. Visiting the gym, rigorous training, and pushing your own limits are all part of CPYB’s ballet scholarship for boys.

Features of CPYB’s Male Ballet Scholarship

The two-year male scholarship for ballet at CPYB is a way to truly get ahead of your peers when it comes to competitive dancing and ballet. When attending courses through a two-year scholarship designed for male ballet dancers, you can expect the following:

  • Regular exercise: Regular exercise classes and routines are expected for those involved in ballet and are required for strength and stamina training.
  • Gym training: At CPYB, boys receiving a scholarship are required to visit the gym based on their individualized training program.
  • Work with specialized trainers: Those who receive a scholarship for male ballet will have the privilege to work with professionals who are specially trained and recognized in the world of ballet.
  • Cross-training: In some instances, cross-training may also be implemented to help bolster strength, flexibility, and stamina simultaneously, depending on the instructor.
  • Self-esteem: Confidence and self-esteem go a long way for those involved in ballet, especially men who may feel alone or isolated. With a two-year scholarship, connect with other boys with like-minded interests and feel a sense of purpose while working to achieve your goals.


For boys seeking peer support with ballet lessons and courses, it can feel overwhelming in a room full of girls. With the all-male two-year ballet scholarship for boys from CPYB, boys will now feel a sense of camaraderie while being surrounded by other men. Working together with boys who have similar mindsets, goals, and interests in ballet may help cultivate the confidence and self-esteem necessary to succeed as a professional dancer.

Working side-by-side with others who share the same goals can also help boys remain focused and aligned with their vision. A male ballet scholarship provides boys sand men with an interest in professional ballet with a truly unique opportunity.

Tips for Applying for a Male Ballet Scholarship

Boys who have an interest in professional ballet and dance should prepare with a few tips designed with male ballet dancers in mind. One of the best ways to pursue your dreams of succeeding in professional ballet starts by applying for scholarships. At CPYB, it’s possible for boys to apply for a male ballet scholarship from the ages of 14-19. Those who receive a scholarship from CPYB may enroll immediately as admission fees, tuition, and all courses are covered financially by the scholarship.

To learn more about CPYB’s male ballet scholarships and programs, click here.

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