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Thinking About Full-Time Pre-Professional Ballet Training Programs? Have These 3 Discussions First

Aug 26, 2021 | Ballet

Being a professional dancer is a big career goal. Therefore, you should know that it requires commitment, sacrifice, and a  great deal of discipline. That’s why before enrolling in a program, there are a few things that you should consider.

Before you commit to a full-time pre-professional ballet program, you must speak to your parents and your teachers about this transition. When attending a professional ballet program, schooling will be a different experience, and the steps to take you to the next level of your career can be life-changing.

If you’re thinking of enrolling in a pre-professional ballet training program, here are some key discussions you need to have with your teachers and family before auditions begin. Let’s take a look!

Your Professional Goals

Before enrolling in a pre-professional ballet program, a professional dance career should be something you genuinely wish to pursue. Beyond the performances and dreams, it’s essential to consider the daily grind of being a professional dancer.

A typical day would consist of hours of technique classes, pointe classes, men’s classes, and possible strength training.

Besides the demanding training schedule, the school you attend also plays a large role in your professional career. It’s important to select a credible ballet school to ensure that you enroll in a program with high standards that can help shape you into the dancer that you dream of becoming.

Choosing the Right Pre-Professional Program

When choosing a ballet school for your pre-professional ballet training, a prestigious reputation shouldn’t be the only consideration. If you’re exploring multiple schools, your focus should center around the quality and quantity of training you and your family can manage, where it’s located, and if it can fit within your budget.

While doing this, research the different curriculums these schools have and ask around for recommendations. If available, try out their summer intensives to get a feel for their programs and how they teach technical skills to advance the strength of their students and help prepare them for a professional dance career.

And finally, check on the success rate of the school’s graduates. If they have a high percentage of dancers that succeed in the field, you’re most likely considering the right school for you.

Waiting Until After High-School or Training Early

Choosing a full-time pre-professional training program truly is a considerable discussion as it affects the education of many students. The ballet training programs will be much different than your typical high school education.

Thankfully, some training programs accept high school graduates. But if you want to train full-time, you can take online classes or flexible classroom options that can be built around your ballet schedule. At CPYB we work directly with the Carlisle Area School District and our students receive physical education and humanities credits for their pre-professional training. Their academic schedules are modified to accommodate their ballet schedules.

The Bottom Line: A Full-Time Pre-Professional Ballet Program will Challenge You, but It’s Worth Pursuing if you are Seeking a Career as a Professional Dancer!

Should you wish to enroll in a pre-professional program. It’s important to take the time to discuss these factors with your family and teachers. The ballet profession involves having a different lifestyle, adopting a new form of discipline, and is a life-changing transition.

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