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Five Life Skills Learned Through Dance

Sep 29, 2021 | Ballet

Dancing is more than a skill, talent, or expression; it is also a way to learn. In every step, a dancer learns a lesson or two about life, and these lessons can extend beyond the walls of the dance studio.

Here are some of the life skills that dancing can provide:

1: Teaches Teamwork and Accountability

Every dancer has experienced being part of a team at least once in their lives. Working in a group may look simple from the outside, but it takes a lot of practice and coordination to appear as one.

When joining a corps de ballet, everyone needs to learn to work together and understand each other to create a harmonious relationship on stage. That involves attending every rehearsal, focusing every time they practice, and applying what they have learned for a great performance day. It is all about both individual and group effort.

2: Increases One’s Responsibility

Dancing is not all about being good on the dance floor. It is also about being responsible and hardworking. Skill can always be learned and improved upon. What sets a dancer apart from others is their hard work and dedication to what they do.

A responsible dancer knows the importance of arriving on time and doing the proper warm-ups before beginning class or rehearsal. They must know how to listen to their instructor and adjust as needed.

3: Helps Improve Determination 

Dancers continue practicing until the day of the performance. They know that it is not just about the performance. It involves letting the body get used to the tiredness and difficulty of the choreography. It is staying persistent despite the urge to finish fast and go home to get some rest. A real dancer is always determined to perform their best in every class, rehearsal and performance.

4: Lets People Stay Creative

Besides expressing one’s feelings, message, or desire, dancing improves a person’s creativity by letting them express movement on their own during rehearsal. Dancers do not only dance what they’ve learned but they also need to listen to the music and let their bodies do the talking. Many dancers also become choreographers. Building a whole new work or simply teaching other people to dance is already a creative process.

5: Teaches Flexibility

Flexibility in dancing is not only about being able to stretch the body parts. It is learning to adapt to any changes until the whole cast finds a cohesive way to present their concepts. It is learning how to dance for multiple instructors wanting different things. It is the flexibility to balance emotions, cognitive flexibility, and social interaction when performing. Finally, it is learning to balance the frustration and grace every time you make mistakes while performing.


There is more to ballet than simply the dancing. It may be a hobby for some, but it is a lifestyle for many. These are a few of the valuable life lessons that dancing teaches its students. Every student dancer grows not just as a skilled dancer but as a disciplined, responsible, and creative individual in this world.

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