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Ballet Summer Intensive Near New York

Dec 2, 2022 | Ballet

Founded in 1955 by Marcia Dale Weary, the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet continues to incorporate Marcia’s vision for our students and for the future of ballet itself. From working with distinguished instructors, including Alan Hineline, Simon Ball, Rose Taylor, Melinda Howe, and Noelani Pantastico, to offering a 5-week ballet summer intensive for those committed to long-term undertakings, CPYB provides a comprehensive curriculum for children of all ages. If you are searching for a ballet summer camp near New York, consider the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s summer intensive program in 2023.

Benefits of a Ballet Summer Intensive

For those who are new to ballet summer camps or intensive programs, you may be curious about the advantages of enrolling. While traditional ballet courses have plenty of perks, there are a few notable advantages of enrolling in a ballet summer intensive that may be difficult to find elsewhere:

  • Unrivaled academic and hands-on training from top-tier ballet instructors and industry professionals
  • Extensive academic teachings that go beyond traditional knowledge of ballet and art history.
  • Set structure and routine to help provide students with balance and proper time management skills.
  • Individualized attention and guidance from all faculty and staff involved with CPYB’s 5-week ballet summer intensive program.

What is a Ballet Intensive?

A ballet intensive program is an extensive and immersive experience that is hyper-focused on providing advanced strength training and academic education. Ballet summer camps and intensives are typically designed for students who are serious about their craft or for those who are considering the opportunity to pursue ballet professionally. Ballet intensives help students carve out their own dance style while focusing on both creative expression and actual technique.

A ballet intensive includes numerous academic classes, training exercises, and dance sessions, all of which enrolled students are required to attend. Ballet intensives also include additional supplemental activities ranging from traditional, modern, and hip-hop dance classes to character and Pointe courses for those interested in harnessing their advanced ballet techniques. At Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, our staff prides itself on delivering individualized attention and training to our enrolled students. If you are searching for a summer camp that will ensure your child is guided in a way that is suitable for their dance style, a ballet summer intensive program from Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet may be the perfect fit.

5-Week Ballet Summer Intensive Near New York

If you are searching for a ballet summer camp near New York, consider Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s 5-week summer intensive in 2023. CPYB’s 5-week summer ballet program includes a range of strength and training exercises alongside an advanced curriculum, which has been carefully curated. The curriculum included with CPYB’s 5-week summer ballet intensive was originally designed using the Teaching Syllabus© of Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s founder, Marcia Dale Weary. Due to its distinct, visionary teaching style, the syllabus remains today.

The 5-week summer intensive program from Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet is situated on the campus of Dickinson College, providing all enrolled students with a unique opportunity to connect with other students in a safe environment. All students who are accepted into the program will gain access to Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s unparalleled faculty and staff, along with academic and extensive training exercises.

From Pointe and character classes to hip-hop and modern dance sessions, there is plenty to do for students who are serious about their ballet endeavors. For those interested in enrolling, please note that Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet does not currently hold standard auditions for the 5-week ballet summer intensive programs.

Those who are interested in enrolling in CPYB’s 5-week ballet summer camp near New York can do so by completing and submitting an official application for each interested student. All applications are reviewed internally by Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet staff. Keep in mind that in order for students to qualify, they must be between the ages of 7 and 18, and their CPYB application must also include the three photos that are requested upon submission.

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